說明 Introduction

About Judy & David

David is an award-winning professional photographer and 'Hasselblad Masters' finalist. Judy is an experienced local host with a great passion for food and markets. Perfect for all photography lovers!


Taipei Photo Tour - what to expect?

Join Judy & David early in the morning to experience the market action in Taipei. We will stroll down the street to visit and photograph different vendors from bean sprouts to wonton wrapper and from seafood to butcher.
Visit Taipei Wholesale Fish Market to experience the noise and vibe while taking photos.
An early break at the market to eat like a local.

注意事項 Notes

This tour can be also customized any other day of the week for preexisting groups or single;  
Not available on Mondays and major festivals such as CNY, Dragon Boat, and Mid Autumn festivals.


To ensure the quality of the tour and to pay close attention to the clients, we will keep the group size up to 4 people . 

⇒ Photo Tour: Men at Work and Market Vibe theme
⇒ Every Saturday at 01.00am
⇒ Duration: 01:00H - 05:00H
⇒ Meeting Place: Guest pick-up and drop-off
⇒ Language: English (any other language on request!)
⇒ Min. participants : 1 Max. participants : 4 
⇒ Guide: Judy & David

► Price includes:
- English-speaking Assistant for 5 hours;
- English-speaking Professional Photographer for 5 hours;


Send us an email with the following information:

► Date;
► Pick up time
► Nr of participants;
► Do you want to have lunch or dinner after the tour? Yes/no


Give us (max.) 72 hours to elaborate a unique itinerary and be back to you!


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