Discover Hualien by bike

Discover Hualien by bike


說明 Introduction

Seven Stars Lake is in fact not a lake anymore but a crescent-shaped bay north of Hualien. The Seven Star Lake (Qixingtan七星潭) was once the name of a series of small lakes, however, Taiwan’s Japanese rulers filled in the lakes as part of a modernization drive in 1936 and the local people retreated to the coastal area; their descendants now still call Qixingtan.
Embraced by mountains on both sides, Seven Stars Lake features a beautiful pebble shore. The view of the ocean and the spectacular mountains  give the impression of being in a beautiful painting. As one of the most popular tourist routes with beautiful ocean views, the well-planned cycling path stretches about 13 kilometers to the South Coastal Park and North Coastal Park downtown.

Less than twenty kilometers from Hualien City, Liyu Lake (鯉魚潭) is the largest lake in eastern Taiwan.
A charming lake hidden up in the mountains of East Rift Valley of Hualien County, Liyu Lake is a great place for cycling and enjoying the scenery.
The name of lake origins from the Liyu Mountain beside the lake. The neighboring Liyu Mountain has many forest paths and is open to hiking and exploration.
Every year around April in the evening, thousands of fireflies are drawn to the area, and their sparkling lights can be seen reflecting across the surface of the lake meanwhile in the summer the lake is home to family of inflatable Muscovy ducks.
A bicycle path surrounds the lake and it is 5KM in length Liyu Lake is sized at 1.04 SQ KM and part of the Chihnan National Forest Recreation Area.

Danongdafu Forest Park covers a vast area, about 1,250 hectares, boasting mesmerizing sceneries and recreation features. It is also the venue that has been planned for Hualien Hot Air Balloon Festival.
Nestled between the Coastal and Central Mountain Ranges, the view here is breathtaking; it is home to luxuriant ecology with hundreds of butterflies and precious bird species.
The park features various recreation facilities such as bicycle trail.

Possibility to extend the tour to "pineapple village" and  Butterfly Valley Resort ( 2 hours )
Fuyuan Butterfly Valley is one of the best places for eco tourism in Taiwan.The main attractions of Fuyuan Forest are the Butterfly Valley and the Fuyuan Waterfalls.

Famous for the butterflies (March to August) and fireflies (late March to early May) and the outdoor hot spring and spa facilities, the view here is truly magnificent and breathtaking!  Along both sides of the valley, more than 40 species of attractive butterflies live amongst the camphor woodland and the virgin forest.


Discover Hualien by bike - Schedule

At 09.00: meeting with your English speaking guide and start your cycling tour.

Tour can be customized; details of the programs will be defined following the needs of the clients.

Choose the following destinations:
⇒ Hualien - Seven Star Lake (Qixingtan): 5.5 KM
⇒  Seven Star Lake (Qixingtan) - Liyu Lake: 22 KM 
⇒  Liyu Lake - Danongdafu Forest Park: 48 KM  (In addition the bicycle path that surrounds the lake is around 5KM)
⇒  Danongdafu Forest Park - Hualien City -: 53 KM

At 17.00 end of the tour at your hotel or train station.

Meals: your driver will suggest some place to stop for some food.
Helmets and bikes will be provided, please make sure to let us know your height and if you have special requests.
Insurance is included.


This tour can be customized for different levels:

► Beginner/ leisure 
► Intermediate
► Advanced/Sport

Tour duration can be from 1 hour to a maximum of 8 hours.
A support van will always follow to allow you to take a break if you need - you will continue the tour in the van with the friendly English-speaking driver - and your friends can keep cycling!


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We will send you a quotation within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).