Kenting: Chateau Beach Resort

Kenting: Chateau Beach Resort


This famous facility stands between Highway 26 and the coast on the western edge of Kenting town. First and foremost, it is known for the quality of its beachfront. It sits on Dawan (“Big Bay”) – as opposed to the “Small Bay” on Kenting’s eastern side – which has a 2.8km beach, privately leased for exclusive Chateau use. This soft-sand beach is considered by many to be the national park's finest.




說明 Introduction

Property features


The resort's 295 rooms are divided among three buildings, the Provence, Marbella, and Positano halls, which have façades painted in bright colours“a la Mediterranean.” All guestrooms on floors above ground have small balconies with seating for 2/3 people. Ground-floor rooms with an ocean view are most popular, featuring wood-plank decks, umbrella seating, and direct beach access. 

The range of fun-time options at the resort seems just short of endless. Naturally, the big focus is on water fun. Lifeguards watch as you swim in the sea and in the resort's pools; there's an adult sea-view pool, three kids' pools, a “moon pool,” and a SPA hydrotherapy pool. Marine activities include sail boating, kayaking, and body boarding (instructors provided for each). On-site landlubber fun includes a gym (with ocean view), archery ground (on-site instructor), beach volleyball, a “wood ball”ground (akin to croquet), games room, and DIY classes.




Ocean view twin room 1F


Ocean view twin room 2F / Mountain view  twin room 1F / Mointain view twin room 2F


Ocean view family room 1F / Mountain view family room 1F


Ocean view family room 2F / Mountain view family room 2F


Marbella Hall

Marbella Hall hugs a beautiful beach and ocean, with the mild and warm citron yellow and pink colors, bright sunshine and sparkled waves in the sea to make a Mediterranean like view, as the original Spanish meaning of Marbella --- Beautiful Sea, make people to have charming and gentle ideas. 


Ocean view family room 1F / Ocean view family room 2F


Mountain view family room


Positano Hall

Positano is a beautiful small town located at the coastline of Amalfi Coast in south Italy. Legend has it that Positano was built by Poseidon, God of the Sea, for his beloved Goddess Pasitea! There have passionate sunlight, blue sky and glittering seawater, which can make you to enjoy yourself in the blue sky and sea, and it is the deep meaning that Positano Hall contained — a coastal jewel. 


Royal suite 5F


Ocean view honeymoon suite 5F


Aqua suite
Superior family room ocean view 1F / 2F / 3F / Mountain view superior family room 3F / 5F
Castle suite 2F / 3F
Family suite 2F / 3F
Food and beverage


Aegean Western Restaurant

In the journey, it shall not only have good views, but also good cuisines to satisfy gourmand. Buffet is composed of various international cuisines, homemade BBQ & grill table, PIZZA and seafood. In summer time, we will provide the pool BBQ.

Atami Restaurant

Breakfast and dinner buffets are served at Aegean and Atami Restaurant to bring you delicacies from around the world.

Beach-Side Dining & BBQ Area
Grills, the whole roasted pigs and seafood are served under the star light and accompanied by the beautiful voice of jazz divas.

Barbados Bar

With swinging twitch-grass, sea breeze and coastal view, you can sit on the coastal bar and taste multiple brands of beers from different countries, cocktails, juices and beverages.


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