9D/8N: Jewels of Taiwan

9D/8N: Jewels of Taiwan


說明 Introduction

In this exciting round-Taiwan tour, you’ll be visiting the top sights, enjoying outstanding cuisine, and marvel at the pristine and diverse nature of this wonderful island of Formosa. This relaxing tour allows you to explore Taiwan without any stress. It is a 9-day customized tour that avoids the hectic rush of a 3 or 5 days tour. If you are looking to see all of Taiwan in 9 days, then this trip is perfect for you!


Day 1: Taoyuan International Airport - Taipei

Your tour will start with a pick up at the airport and a private transfer to your hotel in Taipei. Depending on your arrival time, you will visit (without guide) the Elephant Mountain and the Taipei 101 building. 

► Taipei 101 is impossible to miss with its 508mt. Untill 2011, it held the title of the world’s tallest green building. Observation decks are on the 88th and 89th floors, with an outdoor deck on the 91st floor opened on some occasions, weather permitting. Don’t miss the massive gold- colored iron wind damper that keeps the tower stable through typhoons and earthquakes.

OPTIONAL: Dinner at Din Tai Fung Restaurant (located in the Taipei 101 Branch)
Menu @Din Tai Fung (choose one of the packages below):
Package A (for 1): 4 Xiao long bao, 1 steamed vegetable dumpling, 1 steamed shrimp dumpling, 1 steamed fish dumpling, 1 steamed shrimp shao mai, red bean xiao long bao, shredded pork and egg fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, hot and sour soup.

Package B (for 1): 4 Xiao long bao, 1 chicken xiao long bao, 1 steamed vegetarian mushroom dumpling, 1 steamed fish dumpling, 1 steamed shrimp shao mai, 1 taro xiao long bao, shrimp and egg fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, hot and sour soup.

OPTIONAL: Dinner at Din Tai Fung Restaurant
Overnight in Taipei: 3* or 4* hotel, central located
Day 2: Taichung - Sun Moon Lake

Your day will start with breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast, you will take the high speed train from Taipei Main Station to Taichung (second class). After arrival at the high speed train station in Taichung, you will meet your guide/driver for a transfer to Sun Moon Lake

On the way to Sun Moon Lake a short stop in Puli; famous for its local wine and traditional paper industry and big temples.

After arrival in Sun Moon Lake, check in at your hotel. Now, it is time to discover the area of Sun Moon Lake and to enjoy the majestic scenery. There are several activities you can choose from (Optional, not included in the price):

► Cycle round one of the best bike paths in the world: It is about 30 km with hills and will take 3-4 hours with stops at some of the attractions along the way. A local guide will follow you and show the paths.
► Cable car overlooking the lake: On a good day you can enjoy a stunning view of the lake with the trip taking about 7 minutes each way, however in peak times the wait can be hours.
► Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village;
► Boat tour (Shueishe, Ita Thao and Xuanguang Temple piers)
► Visit Ita Thao: is the origin of Thao people; it is believed that their ancestors, originally from Alishan, chased a white deer to a faraway lake where they found an abundance of fish. They returned to their homeland, brought the whole tribe, and decided to settle down at Sun Moon Lake, as we call it today. Although tribal life is almost extinct now, a visit to Ita Thao allows you to experience the aboriginal culture and you get to taste delicious aboriginal food too.
► Antique Assam Tea Farm: Shuili Snake Kiln is the town where remains the oldest tradition of kiln-making. There is a biggest kiln work which is in the Guinness Book of Records by the size of 6.68 meters.
 Sup or Paragliding for the adventurous people among us!

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Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Sun Moon Lake in a 3* or 4* Hotel with lake view
Day 3: Sun Moon Lake - Alishan

The third day of this tour will start with breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast, check out and meeting with your guide/driver at the lobby of your hotel. Drive the mountain road to Tatajia, the entrance to the highest mountain in Taiwan, the Jade Mountain. You will move on to Alishan; on the way to Alishan stop in some beautiful viewpoints and to learn about tea culture and magnificent view. Your guide will also suggest some stops along the road; there are several train stations with small villages and old street markets as well as stunning plantations tea.

Lunch will be on the way (not included in the quotation). Your guide/driver will suggest some nice local places on the way.

After arrival in Alishan National Scenic Area, you will check in at your hotel and the evening will be free. Explore the area yourself!

Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Alishan: 3* or 4* hotel inside the National Park
Day 4: Alishan - Kaohsiung

Early in the morning, you will take the Alishan Mountain Railway to Zhushan Station and witness one of the famous sunrises (tickets not included, please pay  also for your guide).

With your guide, you will then have a walk at the Alishan Forest Recreation Area and meet the thousand year old Taiwan cypress trees.

After this experience, you will return to your hotel to have breakfast. After breakfast, you will have a transfer to Fo Guan Shan: This is not only a spiritual symbol and center, but also the tallest sitting buddha in the world which is made of bronze. The entrance is free, but donations will be very appreciated.

After visiting Fo Guan Shan, you will move on to Kaohsiung. After arrrival, check in at the hotel and a visit to the area. 

 Pier-2 and Art Center: This is our favorite area to visit in Kaohsiung. If you are art lovers, take your time to explore the area with all the hidden galleries, some of them are free others require and entrance tickets.

"It was once an abandoned and forgotten warehouse buried in history due to the move from an industrial based segment to the service sector. However, with a group of persistent artist who injected waves of creativity and inspiration into the area, the Pier-2 area was released and re-born making the region a place where tourist and locals can come together to enjoy fine art. With the collision of an old area and new fine art, Pier-2 becomes an area of new vitality and liveliness."

 British Consulate at Takow: To expand the economic benefits of trade with Taiwan, the British established a consulate to protect its expatriates and commerce. In 2005, the former consulate was the first-place recipient of the prestigious Yuan-Yeh Award and recorded over 400 000 visitors. Several exhibition are held here, in 2006 it was the site of over one hundred artistic and cultural activities.
You can also enjoy a classical British afternoon tea (not included and need to be reserved); the authentic British style afternoon tea, personally set up by the British afternoon tea ambassador, is served in Victoria Lounge and George V Lounge, which also feature exquisite French set menus created by the head chef. Immerse yourself in an elegant classy consular residence atmosphere as if turning back the clock to the time when the consul and his wife lived in the 19th century.

 Xizi Bay: the atmosphere and the scenery here change from morning to night; each time of the day has its special attraction, but the brilliant colors of the sunset are unparalleled in their beauty.

Dinner time is free. Recommended is to take the nighttime boat on the Lover River to experience Kaohsiung by night (
optional and to be booked and paid on the spot).

Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Kaohsiung: 3* or 4* hotel central located
Day 5: Kaohsiung - Kenting National Park

Today will start with breakfast at your hotel and afterwards, meeting with your guide/driver. Today you will drive to Kenting (itinerary can be decided with your guide, you can either spend the morning to discover more Kaohsiung or take the road to Kenting to enjoy the day on the most beautiful beach in Taiwan!).

After arrival in Kenting, you can enjoy relaxation at 
Baisha Beach. This beach is becoming more and more popular since it was used to film several scenes in the movie  "Life of Pi", directed by the Taiwanese Ang Lee.

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Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Kenting: B&B, 3* or 4* hotel
Day 6: Kenting - Hualien

Your day will start with breakfast at your hotel. Afterwards, you will meet your guide/driver at the lobby of the hotel for a transfer to Hualien.On the way you can stop at Longpan Park for a breathtaking scenery of the eastern side of Kenting National Park, or Tiehua Village.

Follow the scenic Highway 9 through the East Rift Valley.  You will see Sanxiantai; a highly scenic volcano island 10 mins walk from the coast on the famous bridge with arches.

Cross the Tropic of Cancer. You will reach Hualien in the late afternoon, just in time to enjoy some food at the beautiful night market. Depending on traffic and weather, your guide will suggest the best places to visit.  

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Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Hualien: 3* or 4* star hotel, central located
Day 7: Hualien - Taroko Gorge National Park

After breakfast at your hotel, meeting with your guide/driver for a drive to the breathtaking, world-renowned Taroko National Park. Enjoy a guided tour of its spectacular mountains, marble canyons, gorges, rapid rivers, and stunning waterfalls. Visit the Eternal Spring Shrine and the Swallow Grotto trail till the Bayang Waterfall through the Water Curtain Tunnel (itinerary might change according to the weather).

In the late afternoon, return back to Hualien.


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Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Hualien: 3* or 4* star hotel, central located
Day 8: Hualien - Taipei

Your day will start with breakfast at your hotel. Today, your journey will bring you back to Taipei through the magnificent scenery of the Pacific Ocean; pass by the picturesque Qingshui Cliff, the highest coastal cliff in Taiwan.

On the way, a stop in Yilan to visit the Traditional Art Center; one of the most important tourist spots in Yilan to learn about the local culture and art.

If the time allows, you will also visit the Kavalan distillery, named by Whisky Magazine as the World Icons of Whisky "Whisky Visitor Attraction of the Year" in 2011. After the "Whisky tasting", you will be ready to go back to Taipei!

Your guide/driver will bring you to your hotel in Taipei, where the tour will end. 

Breakfast at your hotel
Overnight in Taipei: 3* or 4* hotel, central located
Day 9: Taipei - Taoyuan International Airport

Your last day of this tour will start with breakfast at your hotel. Depending on the departure time of your flight, you can visit Taipei on your own accord (without guide). The last service of this tour will be a private transfer from your hotel in Taipei to Taoyuan International Airport. 


Breakfast at your hotel

注意事項 Notes

Optional for this tour: the Aboriginal Cooking Class in Hualien: Get to know special knowledge about the local, aboriginal culture, cook like an aborignal and afterwards enjoy your self prepared dishes! 

Price includes: 
► 7 days English speaking (any other language on request) licensed guide/driver (including meals and overnights), available 9 hours per day;
► Fuel, parking fees and ETC;
► Parking fees in Alishan National Park;
► HSR train tickets in 2nd class from Taipei to Taichung;
► Transfer from Taichung High speed train station to the hotel;
► 1 night in Taipei - hotel 3* or 4* - 1 double room with breakfast in the city center;
► 1 night in Sun Moon Lake - hotel 3* or 4* - 1 double room with breakfast on the lake;
► 1 night in Alishan - hotel 3* - 1 double room with breakfast inside the National Park (please note that inside the national park the choice of hotels is very limited. 3* hotels are basic and very simple. The only 4* hotel is Alishan House and has a supplement of around 3.000 TWD per person);
► 1 night in Kaohsiung - hotel 3* or 4* - 1 double room with breakfast;
► 1 night in Kenting - hotel 3* or B&B superior - 1 double room with breakfast ( if available room with view); 
► 2 nights in Hualien - hotel 3* or 4* - 1 double room with breakfast in the city center;
► 1 night in Taipei at the end of the tour - hotel 3* or 4* - 1 double room with breakfast in the city center;
► Insurance

Price doesn't include: 
► Meals;
► Everything not mentioned in the “price includes"
► Entrance tickets: no tickets are included; some also has to be paid for the guide. You will choose to do the activities according to the arrival time.

Alishan National Park Entrance Fees per person : TWD 330 
- Round trip Alishan trains tickets per person:                   
► Chushan Line:  Single-Adult NT$150
► Senmu Line: Single-Adult NT$100
► Zhaoping Line:  Single-Adult NT$100

Sun Moon Lake activities:
► Renting bike from 150TWD;
► Sun Moon Lake Ropeway/Gondola: TWD 300 per person (the cable car might be closed due to maintenance or extreme weather, so the price is not included);
► Parking fees (Gondola parking): TWD 100

► 101 Entrance ticket and lift to top roof: TWD 600

About our guide and drivers:
Our guide/drivers are official licensed authorized guide. They drive carefully and they know the territory. Guide/Driver and car are available for 9 hours a day. 
Guide/Driver can decide to change the itinerary in case of emergency as well as you can also decide to change it or stop longer or skip one destination.

Travelling with a licensed guide/driver means
► You can decide your itinerary, where and when to stop, when and where to eat and where to sleep;
► You can change plans in case you want or need;
► You can decide your daily schedule, your morning time wake up alarm and for how long you want to stay or visit a place or a restaurant where you would like to stop for food;
► The guide will have the right to change itinerary in case of weather issue or bad road conditions in Taroko Gorge.

What to bring: Comfortable walking shoes, a hat, warm jackets, daily clothes, an umbrella and sunglasses

► 7 days prior to the start of scheduled tour: full refund of deposit (except banks or credit card fees);
► 6-4 days prior the start of scheduled tour –70% penalty of the total amount of the service;
► 3-0 days prior the start of scheduled tour – 100% penalty.

► No reservation has been done therefore price can change;
► Names of the hotel will be provided once the tour is confirmed;
► Name and contact of the guide driver will be provided once the tour is confirmed;
► Payments with credit card are subject to a 2% charge;
► A deposit of 30% will be required to book the service;
► Tipping is generally not expected in Taiwan; however, it is always appreciated and shows your gratitude for a quality service.

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