2D/1N Kenting

2D/1N Kenting

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Located in Pingtung, a beautiful city in southern Taiwan, Kenting is a popular, enchanting holiday destination popular among travelers. Having a tropical climate, summer in Kenting is usually hot and mild in winter making Kenting a pleasant Taiwan holiday getaway all year round for the locals and foreign visitors.

Kenting is the paradise of leisure and fun, as well as the home to tropical forests, meadows, and seaside cliffs. Besides visiting the Kenting National Park, Eluanbi Park, Nanwan (South Bay), Maobitou, Longluantan, or simply just chill by the beach makes Kenting a must visit destination in Taiwan. 


Discover Kenting, the wonderful Taiwan tourist destination that enthralls travelers of all ages!


Day 1: Kaohsiung - Kenting

In the morning pick up at Kaohsiung City Hotel, B&B or any place within the city. Transfer to Kenting by private car with driver (will take about 2 hours) 


Check-in in your hotel/B&B; lunch will be on the way and/or suggested by the guide 

► Eluanbi Park
Kenting National Park is Taiwan's first and southernmost national park. The park is famous for its unique sceneries, and tropical climate with sunshine throughout the year. Located within Kenting National Park, Eluanbi Lighthouse is one of the most recognized attractions in the park. The name of “Eluan” is derived from the Paiwan aboriginal tribe meaning “yacht”. Eluanbi Lighthouse is also the landmark of Eluanbi peninsula, the southernmost point of Taiwan with coast covered with coral reefs. The lighthouse is cylindrical shaped colored in white, with a height of 18 meters and circumference of 110 meters. It is also renowned as “the Light of East Asia” for its strong optical power of light that can reach 20 miles at most. 
► Enjoy sunset & swim at Baisha Beach
Baisha Beach or Bai Sha Wan is one of the most popular and favorite beaches for locals and expats to visit when they are in Kending. The reason for this is its location, the quality of the gold sanded beach, and the lifestyle that surrounds it. The beach has also become more popular since it was used to film several scenes in the Taiwanese born director Ang Lee's  "Life of Pi".
► Kenting Street / Kenting Night Market
This street becomes a lively market at night, when it is filled with food stalls & street vendors.
Overnight in a hotel/B&B in Kenting
Day 2 Kenting - Kaohsiung

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

The National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium is situated near the sea, close to the Kenting National Park in Pingtung. Taiwan is an island surrounded by water. It is rich in water resources and developed a diversity of distinctive cultures. The museum is dedicated in preserving such gift. The aim of establishing such museum, apart from biological education, commerce, culture, and recreation, is the respect for the environment. If it weren't for the appropriate care for Mother Nature, we wouldn't be able to experience her blessings amongst the natural abundance.

(Lunch suggested by the guide)
Visit Longpan National Park
LongPan Park is located aside Jia-E highway on Hengchun Peninsula which is a coral limestone tableland close to Pacific Ocean. Since limestone has been washed by sea water over a long period of time, it has formed an adequate geology including cliff, penetration holes, notches, limestone caves and red soil and that is the most beautiful local coastline.  Standing on the coast, you will see the cliff in tens of meters height different in front of your eyes. It is the grand landscape that nature carves. Since limestone is rock with several fracture surfaces, when sea water keeps eroding along joints, limestone is cut into several rock fragments in different sizes. After dragged by gravity from waves flapping, large rocks gradually collapsed and cliff has been formed.
In the late afternoon transfer back to Kaohsiung by private car.


Price includes:

- Tour guide service and T5 van (or car if only 2 pax);

- Hotel accommodation;
- Insurance

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