Xiao Liu Qiu 小琉球 is a small island located off the coast of Kaohsiung City. It is a fun trip for those who want to leave the city and enjoy the outdoors or for those who like to be out of the touristic routes and just relax enjoying the view of the sea!
It is a quiet site with many beautiful landscapes; a great option for those seeking to escape from the hectic city life or who is looking for a place to enjoy the nature, to see the stars and take a break from the daily troubles!

Xiao Liu Qiu is one of the few coral reef islands that surrounds Taiwan, which makes it a perfect spot to go snorkeling and scuba diving. 


Quick facts about Xiao Liuqiu:

  • The name Liuqiu Islet (嶼, yǔ) was first used during the Ming Dynasty;
  • It was occasionally also known as Golden Lion Island, a calque of its old Dutch name Gouden Leeuwseylant;
  • Total land area: 6.8 square km;
  • Population: +/-13,000 people, with a total of 8 villages on the island;
  • Distance from Taiwan mainland: 15 kilometres;
  • There are no rivers on the island;
  • The island has a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year round;
  • There are 38 temples on the island;
  • One of the only places in Taiwan where you can spot green sea turtle;
  • Xiao Liu Qiu has a diverse ecosystem;
  • Home to approximately 176 species of fish and numerous coral species
  • Although Liuqiu Airport once had passenger service with direct flights between Kaohsiung international airport and the island, it is now only used only for helicopters.

說明 Introduction

Xiao Liu Qiu has a few beaches. Snorkeling and diving are the best activities you can do to see the famous green sea turtle. You can also meet the turtle on the beach or see them while enjoying the sunset.

Renting goggles independently will cost around 50-100 TWD (approximately 2-3 USD) and going with a group will cost 300-500 TWD (approximately 10-16 USD), what includes goggles, wetsuit, aqua shoes, insurance and a coach.

You can reach the island by ferry which leaves from Dong Gang which is about 30 minutes by car south of Kaohsiung City.
Dong Gang can also be reached by public transportation from Kaohsiung Main Station ( it will take around 1 hour ) and with a little walk from the bus station to the port.

Ferries to Xiao Liu Qiu only depart from Donggang Ferry Harbour and there are two ferry companies, Liuqui Township Ferries and Dongliu Line Ferries. Information regarding hours and rates are available on the official ferry website, but a return ticket will cost around 300-400 TWD (approximately 10-14 USD) depending on which company you go with. The last ferry usually departs at 5.30 PM, so be sure to arrive early if you are only there for a day.

The best way to explore the island is to rent a scooters. Both fuel powered and electric scooters are available to rent for the day. They cost about 350 TWD.

If you drive around the island with stops, it would take about 30minutes. The whole island is only about 7 square kilometers.
Originally known as Samagi, Xiao Liu Qiu (小琉球), the island had been in the possession of other countries, such as the Dutch, during colonization. Nowadays, people live there and have businesses such as B&Bs, scooter rentals, restaurants, and snorkeling and diving shops. 

Our suggestion: Choose the best partner you want to travel with and stay at least 1 night to fully refresh your mind and body! 
Book your room in advance! Although there are tons of B&Bs, guesthouses, and hostels on Xiao Liuqiu Island, it's quite common for all the rooms to be booked on weekends and holidays.


How we can help you

⇒ Train tickets to/from Kaohsiung;
⇒ Private car from Kaohsiung ( hotel or train station ) with English speaking driver and back;
⇒ Ferry tickets from Donggang Ferry harbour to Xiaoliuqiu and back;
⇒ Overnights ( 1 or 2 depending on the schedule ):

  • Very nice B&B, clean and 10 minutes from the port, just few steps from Zhongao Beach.
  • Camping 
  • Private apartment
  • Hotel

⇒ Scooter rental

Our suggestions : B&B or hotel

  How der Young
♦  Su Beautiful
♦  8 Villa
♦  Mare Cielo

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