Green Island

Green Island


Thousands of tiny islands adorn the Pacific, and these remnants of volcanic eruptions have evolved into tourists' hotspots, with prime diving and scenic beaches.
Green Island or Lyudao 綠島, located 21 miles off the eastern coast of Taiwan, is the perfect place to escape the congested mainland. No traffic noise or pollution here; just the coast, green mountains and plush vegetation. 

A tiny island, with just over 3000 residents makes this a great peaceful escape from a busy urban life. 


說明 Introduction

Getting around
Most Taiwanese get around the country via motorbikes so naturally, the most effective way of getting around Green Island is by motorbike. You can admire the scenic views of the sea and sunset while riding along the roads on your way down the mountain.
Rental price: NTD 300 (USD $10)
Pumping petrol: A complete trip around Green Island is about 20km, NT 100 (USD $3) of fuel is enough to travel around Green Island twice. The island's only gas station is in Nanliao Village and its operating hours are 8:00 – 17:00.
Although at first glance, Green Island looks like it's filled with typical Taiwanese stores selling stir fried food, ice cream and breakfast, they actually come with a twist! Green Island is famous for their distinctive seaweed flavored eats.
Green Island Attractions & Activities
Food and transportation aside, the highlight of Green Island is obviously their attractions! There are a surprisingly great quantity of activities you can partake in along the coast of Green Island filled with rocks and stones.
Pug and Sleeping Beauty Rock
Taiwan, nature and rocks pretty much come together — Green Island is no different. Accompanied by pristine oceans, Pug Rocks (left) Sleeping Beauty Rock (right) are two prominent rocks of Green Island.
Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park
Surrounded by sea, Green Island is an isolated island that holds a dark history as the largest political prison during the Chinese Civil War, better known as White Terror, from 1950s to 1980s. Its interior is divided into two sections, New Life Correction Center and Green Island Reform and Reeducation Prison.
Undersea Hot Spring
We've heard of underwater world, but an undersea hot spring? You probably never heard of them because of how rare undersea hot springs are. There's only three undersea hot springs in the world — Italy, Japan, and right here on Green Island, Taiwan.
Put on your life jackets, it's time you jump into Green Island's clear waters! After all, isn't that what Green Island is known for? Under the guide of a coach, you can go close to the colorful corals as well as the different fishes of the sea.
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Tourism activities indeed can positively impact aboriginal communities therefore tourists have to respect their rituals and not violate the taboos.


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