Paragliding in Puli

Paragliding in Puli

TWD 2900
TWD 3900
TWD 6900

說明 Introduction

Paragliding is the closest thing for man to experience flying without an engine and the purest form of free flight available to humans.

The paragliding club is located in Puli. Why Puli? The views from Puli are astonishing and breathtaking, it is a wide valley surrounded by mountains and with a strong thermal activity in it's best seasons, fall and winter.
Gliding through the sky over a beautiful mountain range right in the heart of Taiwan, Puli is located close to Sun Moon Lake and it's everything you would want from a paragliding experience!


To do/ to know: 

⭐ People suffering from hypertension or cardiovascular diseases might be refused to fly. The same applies for pregnant women.
⭐ All activities has to be reserved in advance, and can be cancelled last minute (usually in the early morning) due to weather issues.
⭐ On friday, weekends and during holidays the company only offers beginner flying course.
⭐ Partner/friends who are not attending the paragliding experience are required to pay TWD 100 entrance fee. 
⭐Pick-up and drop-off from Puli bus station can be organized - please book in advance. Price depends on the number of people.



Paragliding in Puli

Beginner: Flying 10~15 mins. – re-flying if shorter than 10 mins.
Intermediate: Flying over 1000mts of altitude
Advanced: Flying over freeway nr. 6 to reach GuanDao mountain. 

注意事項 Notes

About the paragliding company: 
Established in November 14, 2011. The company offers licensed flight instructor ROC Gliding Association Tourists are insured by State law with the maximum amount of insurance. The company is member of Nantou County Athletic Association - ROC paragliding associations - ROC Flight Sport Federation - Ministry of Education, Sports Department.


Price includes: 

 Flight instructor;

► Insurance;

► Shuttle from landing field;

► Entrance fee;

► Video camera rental;

► Photos


Optional services NOT included in the price:

 R/T train / bus ticket to Taichung;
► R/T transfer with private car or taxi from hotel / train station / bus station in Taichung;
► Transfer from Puli bus station to the paragliding club and back
► Visit Sun Moon Lake on the way back

Other services are available on request.


For reservation and information, please contact:


Taipei City Phone + 886 2 27232188
Taichung City Phone +886 4 37001268  ext 203 for English

​✉ Email:


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