Orientation City Tour

Orientation City Tour


"Culture shock," is a unique and complex aspect of relocation… When expatriates experience culture shock, it can lead to dissatisfaction and to the will to return home early.
For companies who invest money to send an employee and their family to a different country, it’s extremely important to consider this aspect to avoid losses of money and time.

Although it is well known that spouses are mostly prone to get tangled into this discomfort, culture shock can affect any member of a family going through the process of relocation.

This tour is specifically designed for those expats who are moving in Taiwan for a short or a long period. It can be difficult sometime to adapt to a new situation and language. The best way to avoid the “cultural shock” is to know the place where you live, to be able to be free and independent as soon as possible and to feel comfortable to move around the city.

說明 Introduction

What could my new neighbourhood look like? Is the traffic as hectic as I was told?  How to use public transportation? Do you know you can call a taxi from any 7/11 or Family Mart shop from the automatic service machine? Are international schools good? Can my kids walk to school across the street? Where is the nearest hospital? Are there good medical services nearby? And how do they speak English?And where do I go with my kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon?Where can I get groceries? Where I can buy a specific product? Where are the schools, shops, entertainment facilities? Consulates, embassies, travel agents?

Everyone has concerns and questions about relocating. There is no better way than to see for yourself. The orientation tour is tailored to each family ensuring that it addresses individual concerns and highlights the major aspects of living in Taiwan.
Let us help to replace the feeling of anxiety with the enjoyment of living in a new location!

This tour includes the English speaking tour leader for the whole itinerary and can be tailored made.



Orientation City Tour

Tour will include a brief introduction and general overview of the city and infrastructure.
Each tour will be tailor-made for each customer and their specific needs.


  • Visit one hospital, emergency number, pharmacies and health insurance;
  • International schools ( list )
  • Grocery stores and specific shops for expats ( Carrefour, RT mart, Cosco, …) and shopping mall
  • 7/11 facilities ( taxi, bus ticket, phone card, recharge, ATM… )
  • Post offices and Banks ( visit one bank, ATM …)
  • Bus/taxi/U bike/train and HSR, how do they work and how to buy tickets
  • Expat Community groups, bars and restaurants and free time
  • Mobile phone and local applications
  • Sport & Gym
  • others...


This tour can be done in SEVERAL LANGUAGES ( Spanish, French, German, Italian )

注意事項 Notes


To receive a quotation please send us the following information:

1) Date and Time:
2) Pick up location.

3) How many persons ( adults, kids and infant ):

4) Specific request such as hospitals, schools, kids


​✉  anna@northwest.com.tw

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We will send you an quotation and an itinerary within 48 hours ( Monday to Friday ).