Alishan: Keupana

Alishan: Keupana

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Keupana is the name of Tsou tribe's place. It is the cultural center of the Tsou. It is run by Luo Yu-feng, also known by her Tsou name Yangui.  Yangui is a knowledgeable tour guide regarding local attractions and culture.

The beautiful cherry blossom trees can be seen next to the property. From October to April, the sky is rising upwards in the open slate, and the moonlight sheds its light; it seems like you can hear the ancestors of the Aboriginal tribe hunting to the rumbling sound of the drums.

There are many new recreation spots in Dabang village, such as bird watching, ecological trails in the forest, fishing and hunting, etc., which are different from other artificial attractions, and also the unique scenery, which is exclusive to the indigenous tribes.


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說明 Introduction

Follow the Alishan Highway to Shizhuo, and then take County Road No. 169 southward to Dabang and Tefuye villages.  These are the only Tsou villages to possess a kuba (pronounced “Kooba”), a wooden hut-like structure on stilts covered with a thatch roof.  This is a meeting hall where the men will meet to make political decisions and to train the young males in hunting and warring techniques, as well as teach them the history and traditions of the tribe.  Women are prohibited from entering or even touching this structure.


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In Dabang visitors can hike the Bird Worship Trail, which leads through the forest surrounding the village.  The name comes from the many Tsou legends and traditions that are associated with birds.

Between Dabang and Tefuye villages, you can enjoy a walk over the brightly colored Dabang Suspension Bridge, the starting point of the Tefuye Trail, which leads to Tefuye village about two kilometers away.  In Tefuye, below the kuba, is the head of another trail that takes hikers to a cluster of giant camphor trees.



This five-room guesthouse is just a stone's throw from the centre of Dabang Village. Rooms are simple but clean, and there's a huge garden where you can pitch a tent. Bring your own toiletries.


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