Daan Seaside Park in Taichung: Nayang Beach Resort

Daan Seaside Park in Taichung: Nayang Beach Resort


Extraordinary accommodation experience, a camping holiday paradise where you sleep while listening to the sound of the sea!

Located in the well-known Daan Seaside Park in Taichung, next to the sea, the glamping area "Hai Na Yang" with a vast sandy beach is the first seaside glamping area in Taiwan. 
It faces the sea and connects the surrounding ecological parks in Daan. All the way to the Gaomei Wetland in the south, the facilities of the five-star hotel have all been moved to the wild, allowing everyone to enjoy the entire Taichung Sea Line. 


"Xianghai Nayang" is located in the Jiaanpu area in the center of the entire Taiwan coastline, here you can also visit popular attractions such as Dajia Zhenlan Palace and Dajia Anvil Mountain Bike Path, the "Mangrove Ecological Park", the hydrangeas ecological education park and the "Gaomei Wetland" with the dreamy sunset and the mirror of the sky. It is very suitable for the whole family and couples.
When visiting the site, visitors will feel refreshed while tasting local special agricultural and local products and dishes. 


A total of 32 luxury camping tents are built in the park, with 2,3,or 4 bed types. The sea house "Nahai Wooden House Tent" is specially designed to overlook the sea view. 

"Hai Na Yang" selects imported top tent canvas, tailor-made tents that are fireproof, noise-reducing, and anti-ultraviolet. Enjoy a spacious and comfortable sofa, electric fan, air conditioner, fine mattress, bedding and separate bathroom. Each room is equipped with a kettle and tea bags and coffee. You can make tea and chat in the exclusive outdoor seating area. 

Harmony with nature creates a safe and worry-free camp environment. The swing chair comfortably blows the breeze, sunbathes, plus an all-inclusive service of three meals (breakfast, afternoon tea, dinner), allowing visitors to visit with their light luggage, making it easy to meet family and friends. 

The park is completely non-smoking.

Meals description:

Natural environment, sea view, and live performance by LIVE BAND, with fresh and hearty buffet-style all-you-can-eat seasonal food, delicacy and deliciousness, hot pot + barbecue double enjoyment, beautiful lighting, and good atmosphere, giving you an extraordinary feast!!

  • Breakfast
  • Afternoon tea:  
  • Dinner 


Dinner offers top-quality spicy mandarin duck pot and sea breeze BBQ for double enjoyment; the ingredients will change according to the season, and the content of the meal will be based on the on-site supply.

It is strictly forbidden for guests to use open flames or high-power-consuming appliances to cook food by themselves and to bring other foods that need to be cooked.

During the meal, it is strictly forbidden to match with other outside foods to avoid cross-infection due to the ingredients. In order to maintain the dining environment and the quality of meals, the restaurant completely prohibits any out-of-service meals and meal-related ingredients.
At present, the restaurant is only open to hotel guests.





Luxury Camping Tent

One Double Bed - 4 units in total



Luxury camping two double bed

Total of 16 units



Luxury camping tent-four small beds

Total of 5 units 



Nahai log cabin
Total number of tents: 6
Bed type:1 double bed 2 small beds
Luxury camping three small bed

1 Unit in total 



注意事項 Notes

■ Public transportation
train to Dajia Railway Station → transfer to bus
No. 658-Daan Binhai Paradise Station
No. 92-Haiqian Station
No. 171-Da'an Port Station
No. 172-Beishan Road

Train to Dajia Railway Station → Taxi TAXI → Daan Binhai Passenger Service Center (Hinayung)

■ Driving
From the South:take the national road No. 3 to 119- Zhunan outlet ( stage 1 has line  outlet) under interchange toward Zhunan proceeds → to Zhunan taxiway / stage 1 has line to a right turn  ( table 61 lines / post Long  semaphore) → to Provincial Highway 61 to the left turn → then straight on to the station 61 south exit → Daan Dajia at "136 Fukuzumi" → exit at Interchange towards four things / 7 Township Road forward → encounter Turn right on Beishan Road

From the North: State Highway 1 along the  192- Changhua system  exit incorporated national road No. 3 to Tachia direction → down to 169- Hong Kong system Interchange lower outlet, take National Route 4 , toward the water proceeds turnoff on the right , through the Taichung landmarks away and merge port passage seven / west coastal highway / 17-line period → within three drop to the right turn lane right → down, incorporated via the ramp station line 61 , to the Interchange toward the Daan → Section 1 of Dongxi 5th Road/Section 2 of Dongxi 5th Road→Go on the right of Zhongshan North Road→Turn left on Beishan Road

■Parking Information
Go to the end of Beishan Road→Da'an Binhai Park parking space


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