BICYCLE TOUR: 9 days /8 nights - FROM TAICHUNG

BICYCLE TOUR: 9 days /8 nights - FROM TAICHUNG


It may be a challenge, yet not as difficult as you imagine! Chose the tour that fits you, and if you don't find the one, just let us know, we will do our best to satisfy your needs. 
➡ Days: 9 Days 
➡ Total mileage:  912 KM 
➡ Difficulty riding:  Challenging 
➡ Total Trip Distance: 912 KM  
➡ Average Speed Per Hour: Approx. 20-25 KM

說明 Introduction

1. Accommodations and cycling routes are subject to change:  accommodation and itinerary  may change.
2. The tour guide has the right to change tour and itinerary in case of need. 
3. Cycling tour requires certain personal fitness; please take your own fitness level into consideration. People who have chronic or acute diseases are not suggested to participate. (such as cardiovascular disease)
4. NT$5 million performance bond and NT$5 million travel liability insurance (with NT$200,000 medical insurance) are providedfor each participant. Hospital diagnostic documents and receipts must be submitted for compensation applications. If the insurance coverage isn’t enough, participants are welcome to purchase additional insurance coverage to meet your need.




Day 1:

Taichung→Chiayi ~ Taichung-High Speed Rail-Zhanghua-Tianwei-Xiluo Bridge-Dounan-Minxiong Meat Steamed Bun-Chiayi
Distance 92 KM

Day 2

Chiayi→Kaohsiung ~ Chiayi-Tropic of Cancer-Shanhua Sugar Refinery- Tainan Confucius Temple─Gangshan─Kaohsiung
Distance 125 KM

Day 3

Kaohsiung→Sizhongxi ~ Kaoshiung-Xiaogang-Chaozhou Shaved Ice with Hot Sweet Soup-Fangliao 7-11-Fenggang sea view-Checheng Earth God Temple-Sizhongxi
Distance 108 KM

Day 4

Sizhongxi→Zhiben ~ Sizhongxi-Mudan Reservoir-Tungyuan Wetlands- Shouka-Dawu sea view-Jinlun-Zhiben
Distance 102 KM

Day 5

Zhiben→Ruisui ~ Zhiben - Beinan - Luye - Giant Guanshan Branch -Chishang Bian Dang-Dapochi-County Highway No. 193-Ruisui
Distance 125 KM

Day 6

Ruisui→Lotung ~ Ruisui-Guangfu Sugar Refinery-Linrong-Fenglin- North-Link Railway-Suao-Lotung
Distance 86 KM

Day 7

Lotung→Xindian ~ Lotung-Jiaoxi-Beiyi Highway-Shipai-Pinglin Tea Museum-Xiaogetou-Bitan-Xindian
Distance 81 KM

Day 8

Xindian→Hsinchu ~ Xindian-Sanxia-Daxi Old Street-Shimen-Xinpu Church-Guanxi-City God Temple-Hsinchu
Distance 82 KM

Day 9

Hsinchu→Taichung ~ Hsinchu-17-KM coastline-Qiding-Tongxiao-Giant Manufacturing Co.-Taichung
Distance 111 KM

注意事項 Notes

1. Please inform us your height/weight upon registration for necessary bike arrangements. Name and phone number for one’s
emergency contact purposes are also required.

2. Tour participants: Age 12 and above with good fitness level and please submit "Parental Agreement Form" if you are under age 
20. (Legal representative is required to accompany the participant under age 16 during the tour)

3. Schedules and meals are subject to change to meet the needs of participants and weather condition.

4. Different accommodations and meals can be adjusted or upgraded according to individual needs.


For reservation and information, please contact:
Dalong Road, No.20 (crossing Jingming 1 Street)
TCC building, 7th floor 
Taichung city, 403 TAIWAN (R.O.C)
Taichung City Phone +886 4 37001268  ext 203 for English

Skype English/French/Italian : anna.lisa2608

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