DIY: create your own trip

DIY: create your own trip


Taiwan is a safe place and people are very helpful. All you have to do is ask around and normally they will be more than happy to help out even if they don't speak your own language they will find a way to help you out!  Seems like organizing a tour in Taiwan without making any reservation is doable. Initially, a do-it-yourself tour of Taiwan will appear to be best option.

However, you will need to spend hours researching on the internet before leaving, it will take you some time to learn how to use the public transportation system and to orient yourself, it will be long to find a good hotel/hostel in the countless websites and endly some mistakes might cost you both time and money at the end.

So ... why do not let us give you our suggestions and directions and  - together with your requests -  find the trip you are thinking about?

This is where you can create your own itinerary, follow the easy steps to guide us to meet your requirements. You can chose the cheapest hostel available as well as the 5 stars hotel, you can decide to travel by train or take a private car or private taxi, you can travel alone, with friends or in small groups...
You can let us know what you need and we will do our best to make this trip easy and unforgettable!

說明 Introduction

This DIY form will give you the possibility to build your trip or simply ask for single services in Taiwan, a daily tour, a guide, an hotel ...whether is 5 star hotel or an hostel we will always give you our best solution!

If you need particolar assistance or you have specific needs do not hesitate to contact us:



Create your own trip

To create your own trip in taiwan, please click here: 


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There is no charge for this service and your private mail  won't be used for newsletter.

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