Experience Kinmen :

  • Round Trip flight from Taichung / Taipei / Kaoshiung to Kinmen ;
  • B&B or Homestay (Jun Yue Fan  or similar) ;
  • Round trip transfer from airport to your accomodation in Kinmen.

說明 Introduction

Kinmen 金門 (pronounced Jinmen - literal meaning "golden gate") is an island governed by Taiwan, which is located just off the southeastern coast of mainland China. KinCheng, meaning Golden City, is the main city in Kinmen. It has a large number of traditional Min style buildings and military sites that are open to tourists.
Kinmen has traditionally been a gateway from mainland China to Taiwan. It has been the basis of many Chinese emigrants and of Chen Chenggong's resistance to the Qing dynasty and military campaign to Taiwan to oust the Dutch.
That is the reason why Kinmen is rich in history. ~Be aware that few people speak English, especially outside of tourist areas. 
Kinmen is well known because of the number of cultural products too : one of these is its artillery shell knives.
Local artisans would collect the vast amounts of exploded ordnance and make high-quality knives which are still sought after by chefs and connoisseurs. Kinmen is also home of the regionally famous Kinmen Kaoliang liquor, a spirit ranging between 38 and 63 percent alcohol, which is highly appreciated by Taiwanese people.



Day 1

Round Trip flight from Taichung / Taipei / Kaoshiung to Kinmen.
Arrival at the airport and private transportation to your B&B or a Homestay.
Rest of the days at your disposal to discover Kinmen.
Overnight in Kinmen.

Day 2/3

Free time to enjoy Kinmen.
Overnight at your accomodation.

Last day

Private transportation from your accomodation to the airport.
Flight to your destionation.


注意事項 Notes

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