PRIVATE TOUR: This tour can be customized every day of the week.
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 Discover the beauty of Taiwan, enjoy the landscape an relax!!! !
Our licensed guide/driver will drive you around the island to discover the most amazing landscape and secrets spots! would think that on an island like Taiwan, within a short driving distance, you can reach the Ocean and the mountains in a day... Well ... it is true but not easy with public transportation. 

Despite the small dimensions of the island, Taiwan does not have an easy public transportation, except from the High speed train, that connects the North (Taipei) to the South (Kaoshiung) in just 2 hours.

Local Trains are surely slower then the High speed train, but good to connect the most remote villages and reach most of the cities of the East cost - since the HSR only travel on the West coast.  Trains run all around the island but not in the inside, where the terrain is not favorable for railroads. 

The bus system is the cheapest and most common way to travel around Taiwan and to connect the most remote villages on the island, but it takes time... and patience! 

This section is dedicated to those who want to travel independently and want to  freely discover Taiwan or just wander around our beautiful island without be worried by public transportation's schedules.

說明 Introduction

Take a seat in a private car ( 1 - 3 Passengers )  or in a comfortable van ( 4 - 8 Passengers ) and just tell your English-speaking guide/driver where you would like to go!  Let your English-speaking guide/driver escorts you in the bustled city or into the beautiful and wild landscape that Taiwan offers.

You can decide to follow one of the itineraries suggested in the website or just ask for some suggestions and make your own perfect tour of Taiwan... and if you want to change route, no problem, your guide/driver is at your disposal and together you can decide for a new itinerary to explorer! 

Most important ... you will follow your rhythm! 

You will have a car and a driver or a guide/driver available for 1 or more days, you can follow our suggestions or let us know about your ideal journey.

Our cars/van/bus are clean and in perfect condition as new as possible and always clean, drivers and professionals and know the roads conditions and guides have their official license. 

A car driver/guide is a perfect choice for those who want to freely travel around Taiwan. 
We do suggest to plan the itinerary in advance, but our drivers are also able to change the plans following the clients interest after discussing directly with them.


Customized itineray.

注意事項 Notes


Price per day per car or van ( Approx )


Licensed English speaking driver/Guide with CAR (1-3 persons )                TWD 7.300 ⇔ 7.500
Licensed English speaking driver/Guide with CAR (4-5 persons )                TWD 9.500
Licensed English speaking driver/Guide with VAN ( 6-7-8 persons )            TWD 10.500 ⇔ 11.100

Licensed English speaking driver ( no Guide ) with CAR (1-3 persons )       TWD 4.800 ⇔ 5.100
Licensed English speaking driver ( no Guide ) with CAR (4-5 persons )       TWD 6.500 ⇔ 6.700
Licensed English speaking driver ( no Guide ) with Van ( 6-7-8 persons )   TWD 7.000 ⇔ 7.200

Licensed Chinese speaking driver ( no Guide ) with CAR (1-3 persons )     TWD 4.200 ⇔ 4.500
Licensed Chinese speaking driver ( no Guide ) with CAR (4-5 persons )     TWD 6.000 ⇔6.200
Licensed Chinese speaking driver ( no Guide ) with Van (6-7-8 persons )  TWD 6.300 ⇔ 6.500

Price includes:
- 9 hours' car/van with English ( or Chinse )  speaking licensed guide/driver per day / max 200 Kms, fuel, parking fees, ETC and lunch for the driver.



Extra fees:


Overnight package in case of multiple days'tour       TBD ( case by case )
Extra seats for baby                                                         TWD 800
Extra baggage                                                                 TBD (case by case)

Insurance per person                                                       TWD  80

Driving over 200Kms per day with CAR                           1Km = 20TWD

Driving over 200Kms per day with VAN                           1Km = 25TWD
Driving over 10 hours*                                                       TWD700 per extra hour  (*In Taiwan is not allowed to drive over 10 hours a day, only in case of emergency)

Pick up or drop off far from the main cities*.                 TWD 3.000  *Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien

Alishan Entrance Fees 
- Alishan Entrance fees per person : TWD 330

- Round trip Alishan trains tickets per person:                  
► Chushan Line:  Single-Adult NT$150
► Senmu Line: Single-Adult NT$100
► Zhaoping Line:  Single-Adult NT$100


Sun Moon Lake activities:
- Renting bike from 150TWD
- Sun Moon lake Ropeway: TWD 300 per person
- Parking fees ( Gondola parking ): TWD 100




  • Name and contact of the guide driver will be provided once the tour is confirmed;
  • Payments with credit card are subject to a 2% charge.
  • Tipping is generally not expected in Taiwan; however it is always appreciated and shows your gratitude for a quality service.

  • Our car are correctly licensed and insured by the  local authority.
  • Prices change during high season and local holidays.

 To book a guide, tour leader or interpreter, please contact us directly:


Taipei City Phone + 886 2 27232188
Taichung City Phone +886 4 37001268  ext 203 for English

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