Taipei Cooking Class

Taipei Cooking Class

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Euro 155
2 person starting from
Euro 205
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Euro 90
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If you want to explore culture and food tradition and do something different we have what you need:

  • Discover the best traditional market in Taipei ;
  • Join a cooking class with an English speaking local chef ;
  • Share the experience with your friends and new people ;
  • Choose the recipe you like the most.

說明 Introduction

Taiwan is one is well known for its food culture. It is very much diversified and different from western one. Its heart, is a simple, rustic cuisine which makes the best use of the most naturally abundant ingredients. Taiwanese people is into this cuisine and they make it clear if you think that in Taipei you can find about 20 streets dedicated to food.


Language: English (other languages on request!) 


Cooking Classes

Walk around one of the most famous local night market in Taipei. You will learn how to make typical Taiwanese dishes from scratch. Pick up your favourite dishes or let us know what you like the most and they will guide you on a delicious adventure. Join a cooking class with an English speaking local chef.


PRIVATE COOKING CLASS: Tailor-made and hands-on class takes 3-4 hours for preparation and eating. Individuals and groups are both welcome. Simply tell us your comfort level with cooking, how familiar you are with Taiwanese or Chinese cuisine and your special diet -if any. We will provide the ingredients, cookware, apron, and recipes.

FRESH MARKET TOUR: A market tour takes about one hour in addition to a cooking class. The best traditional market is just in five minutes walking distance from the kitchen. Shopping in the bright, clean and air-conditioned market feels like walking into the fresh produce farms.

FOOD ADVENTURE TOUR: Food adventure tour is taken place in the afternoon and takes 4-6 hours for different routes. Pick up from hotel.  Please note that some of the visit place/market may close one day during the week.

4 hours tour (16:00-20:00)

Evening market, night market, historic temple and night riverside view. Food and transportation are included.

6 hours tour (14:30-20:30)
Street food, night market, teashop, and hot stir-fries restaurant. Food and transportation are included.


Among the dishes you can choose to cook:

  • Pot sticker (Fried dumplings) 鍋貼(煎餃)
  • Hot and sour soup 酸辣湯
  • Kung pao chicken 宮保雞丁
  • Three cups chicken 三杯雞
  • Braised beef noodle soup 紅燒牛肉麵
  • Spring onion pancake 蔥油餅
  • Taiwanese hamburger – Cut buns 刈包
  • Fried eggplant with basil 塔香茄子
  • Pineapple cake 鳳梨酥


The Kitchen is located in Tianmu, Shilin (士林) District. It's easy to access by MRT to Zhishan (芝山) or Mingde (明德) Station (Red Line).We will give you all the instructions to easily reach the place.

注意事項 Notes

For reservation and information, please contact:


Taipei City Phone + 886 2 27232188
Taichung City Phone +886 4 37001268  ext 203 for English

​✉ Email:




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