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Taichung: Photography Workshop and Tour

  • A photography workshop and a photo tour with Henry Westheim.
  • Language: English
  • Can be customized

Hakka Cultural Tour

  • Get to know one of Taiwan's largest ethnic groups and learn more about their culture
  • Indigenous Atayal and Saisiyat

Hualien: Whales & Dolphin Watching

  • Watch playful dolphins & range of whale species in Hualien
  • Enjoy the guidance of a local fisherman

Jiufen and Pinxi

  • Customizable tour
  • English speaking guide/driver
  • Other languages on request

Kaohsiung: Half day Tour

  • Tour duration: 6 hours
  • Transportation: clean and air-conditioned van or car
  • English speaking licensed guide

Kaohsiung in a day

  • Customized tour
  • EN/SP/FR/GE/IT speaking guide
  • Private Van & Guide

Kenting Diving

  • Early booking: 300 TWD for reservation made at least 7 days in advance
  • PADI Scuba Diving
  • Level: any level

Lantern Sky Tour

  • Take the railway branch line from the old mining town of Jingtong to Pingxi, go on a hike and face your fear of heights at Mt. Xiaozi , Cimu Peak & see the amazingly beautiful Shifen Waterfall

North Taiwan By Motorcycle

  • Visit the most beautiful places on the Northern side of the island riding a motorcycle with your special private licensed and experienced moto-drivers! This tour can be done in Chinese/English and French language.

Paragliding in Puli

  • From Puli
  • Professional/licensed flight instructor
  • Video camera rental / photos
  • Insurance

Sun Moon Lake

  • Duration: 6/8 hours with private car or van.
  • English speaking guide ( other language on request ) and driver.
  • Pick up at your hotel or train station in Taichung
  • Bike ride on Sun Moon Lake or cable car: optional

Taichung Baking Class

  • If you are wondering how the Taiwanese cakes taste like this is the perfect tour for you! Learn how to make one by yourself and then take it with you!

Taichung Bike & Bite

  • Discover Taichung by bycicle with a guide, discover the most remote corners and enjoy the amazing food and the famous bubble tea.

Taichung: Cooking Class

  • Private or group class with English speaking interpreter
  • Focus on indigenous cuisine, it also offers vegeterian/vegan options.

Taichung & Taipei: Orientation Tour

  • English-speaking tour leader;
  • Other languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian on request;
  • Walking tour;

Taichung: the Secret spots

  • Walking tour ( can be done by bicycle );
  • English-speaking guide;
  • Other languages on request.

Taichung & Lukang

  • From Taichung ( hotel or train station );
  • Private car/van;
  • English-speaking guide;

Taichung Night Markets

  • Night vendors gather around urban street corners to sell handicrafts, traditional medicine, and Taiwanese street food

Taichung Rainbow Village

  • Visit National Theatre, Rainbow Village & Gaomei Wetlands in 9 hours with licensed English speaking driver / guide

Taipei: All day bicycle tour

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 30km
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Schedule: - Monday 9AM- Wednesday 9AM- Friday 9AM

Taipei Cooking Class

  • Discover the best traditional market in Taipei;
  • Join a cooking class with an English speaking local chef;
  • Share the experience with your friends and new people;

Taipei: Morning Bicycle Tour

  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Distance: 11km
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday at 9am

Taipei Classic

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • Meeting Point: Taipei 101 MRT Station (Red Line)
  • Languages: Italian/English/French/Spanish/German/Russian (other language on request)

Taipei: Danshui

  • One of the most popular day trips
  • Old Street lined with shops, restaurants and vendors selling local specialties

Taipei: Evening bicycle tour

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 13km
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Schedule: Tuesday 4:30PM & Thursday 4:30PM

Taipei Layover Tour

  • Duration: 6-8 hrs
  • Customized tour according to your schedule
  • English speaking guide/driver

Taipei Pastry Making

  • Group Tour every Tuesday at 10.00 - 3 hours
  • English-speaking guide or assistant;
  • Meeting Point: Zhong Xiao Fu Xing MRT Station Exit;

Taipei Photo Tour by Judy

  • Theme: Men at Work and Market Vibe
  • Every Saturday at 1pm
  • Min/Max participants : 1 - 4

Taipei Sightseeing Tour

  • *From Taipei
  • * English speaking guide ( or other languages )
  • * One day tour

Do It Yourself - Tour in Taipei

  • Customize your own day tour in Taipei
  • One day tour with a guide

Taipei ZOO & Maokong

  • Duration: 6 Hours, Starting from the morning 9am
  • Languages: Italian, English
  • Meeting point : Lobby of your hotel

Taroko Gorge from Taipei

  • Visit Taroko's most beautiful places, such as Baiyang Trail, Swallow Grotto, Eternal Spring Shrine and Xuande Temple.

Yehliu, Nanya Rock & Jiufen

  • Day Tour
  • English/Chinese-speaking guide and driver
  • From Taipei

2D/1N: Alishan

  • English speaking licensed guide with Car or Van
  • Pick up in Kaohsiung, Taichung, Chiayi other cities on request.

2D/1N: Hualien & Taroko

  • Discover Hualien and Taroko Gorge during this two days duration - tour!

2D/1N Kenting

  • Pick up from Taichung/Kaoshiung or other cities
  • English speaking licensed tour guide with van/car
  • Hotel accommodation of your choice

2D/1N: Sun Moon Lake

  • English-speaking licensed driver/guide or driver;
  • From Taichung (hotel or HSR train station );
  • 2Days/1Night;

3D/2N : Hiking in Taroko

  • English speaking tour guide with private car/van who will bring you to the most beautiful hiking opportunities!

3D/2N Active Sun Moon Lake

  • Visit Sun Moon Lake ride a bicycle in one of the top 10 most beautiful trails in the world, be the witness of the amazing sunrise from the lake with SUP, explore the most hidden corner on the kayak!

3D/2N: SML & Alishan

  • Visit Sun Moon Lake and Alishan
  • English-speaking guide / driver
  • From Taichung or Chiayi

3D/2N: Tea Culture Trip

  • Explore developed tea culture in Taiwan
  • Enjoy Tea Art & Traditional Tea Ceremonies
  • Visit stunning tea plantations

4D/3N: East Coast Explorer

  • Swallow Grotto, take a nature walk on Shakadang Trail,
  • see the epic Eternal Spring Shrine
  • English speaking guide & driver

5D/4N: Formosan Beauty

  • English speaking guide / driver
  • Comfortable car or van

5D/4N: Mountains Crossing

  • Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Cingjin, Taroko and Hualien
  • English speaking guide/driver
  • Comfortable car or Van

5D/4N: North Coast Tour

  • English speaking guide & driver
  • Comfortable car or van
  • Based in Taipei and travel daily

5D/4N: South Coast Tour

  • English speaking guide / Driver
  • Comfortable car or van
  • Kaoshiung / Kending / Tainan / Taichung / Taipei

5D/4N Taroko to Penghu

  • During this tour you will see the unspoiled Taiwan's east coast, visit Taroko National Park, stop at the beautiful high mountain village Qingjing and end your trip at the divine white sand beaches in Penghu Island.

5D/4N: Taiwan Mountains

  • Visit Alishan, Sun Moon Lake, Taroko & Hualien
  • English-speaking Licensed Driver/Guide
  • Comfortable Car or Van available for 9 hours a day

6D/5N: From City to Nature

  • Taipei, Sun Moon lake, Alishan & Penghu Island;
  • English speaking guide/driver;
  • Customizable tour.

7D/6N Mind, Body & Soul

  • Tea Experience at top of the mountain in Maokong
  • Day of a rest & relaxation in Hot Spring SPA Resort
  • 4, 5 or 7 day Yoga Retreat

7D/6N: Tribe Community

  • Visit Kaohsiung, Pingtung & Eastern Taiwan
  • Licensed specialized tour guide during the entire tour (English-Chinese speaking)
  • Comfortable car or van

8D/7N : Family tour

  • From Taipei
  • Private car
  • English speaking guide ( other languages on request )

9D/8N: Indigenous Tribes

  • A full immersion in the aboriginal culture
  • Visit Alishan, Kenting, Sun Moon Lake & Taichung
  • English speaking specialized official guide

9D/8N: Taiwan Jewels

  • Visit Taipei, Taichung, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Kaohsiung, Kenting, Hualien, Taroko Gorge, Hualien, Yilan
  • English speaking guide / driver

10D/9N: Best of Taiwan

  • From mountains to beautiful beaches of Penghu Island
  • English speaking guide
  • Private Car or Van

10D/9N: Untouched Nature

  • Maximize your exposure to the untouched nature of Taiwan's diverse ecology. Tour available in: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian on request;

11D/10N: Around the Island

  • Taipei, Sanyi, Lukang, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taitung, Taroko, Hualien and Chingshui cliff...
  • English speaking guide
  • Confortable car or van

Green Island

  • Prime diving & scenic beaches
  • Just the coast, green mountains
  • A great peaceful escape from a busy urban life

Kinmen island

  • Fantastic round trip by airplane or ferry
  • Stay in B&B or Homestay
  • Cross the island by scooter

Matzu Islands

  • Fantastic round trip by airplane or ferry
  • Stay in B&B or Homestay
  • Cross the island by scooter

Penghu Island

  • Enjoy the most beautiful bays in the world club
  • Fantastic round trip by airplane or ferry


  • Escape from the hectic city life to enjoy the nature and to see the stars!

Taipei: Morning Bicycle Tour

  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Distance: 11km
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday at 9am

Taipei: Evening bicycle tour

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 13km
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Schedule: Tuesday 4:30PM & Thursday 4:30PM

Taipei: All day bicycle tour

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 30km
  • Duration: 7 hours
  • Schedule: - Monday 9AM- Wednesday 9AM- Friday 9AM

Diving in Kenting

  • Early booking: 300 TWD for reservation made at least 7 days in advance
  • PADI Scuba Diving
  • Level: any level

Hualien by bike with David

  • English-speaking driver and support van
  • Bicycle & helmets included
  • Level: Hobby riders

North Taiwan By Motorcycle

  • Visit the most beautiful places on the Northern side of the island riding a motorcycle with your special private licensed and experienced moto-drivers! This tour can be done in Chinese/English and French language.

Paragliding in Puli

  • Professional licensed flight instructor
  • Video camera rental / photos
  • Insurance provided

Sun Moon Lake by bicycle

  • English speaking assistant
  • Recommended for a hobby riders
  • Support car can be provided

5D/4N Thrilling tour

  • With this tour you will experience some the most thrilling activities in Taiwan - rafting, paragliding and scuba diving - and visit the Taroko Gorge National Park.

9D/8N: Cycle Around Taiwan

  • Cycling and touring
  • Includes bicycles, van, driver, coach, English speaking licensed guide, mechanic & snacks

Taichung Cooking Class

  • Private or group class with English speaking interpreter
  • Indigenous cuisine, with possibility to change in vegeterian/vegan

Taichung Baking Class

  • Learn how to make typical Taiwanese Pineapple cake by yourself and take it with you!

Bubble Tea Class Taichung

  • Learn about the history of bubble tea in Taiwan
  • Make the famous bubble tea during a 50 minutes class!

Taichung Night Market

  • Night vendors gather around urban street corners to sell handicrafts, traditional medicine and Taiwanese street food

Taipei Cooking Class

  • Discover the best traditional market in Taipei!
  • Join a typical Taiwanese cooking class with an English speaking local chef!

Taipei Pastry Making

  • Bake delicious Taiwanese pineapple cakes and multiple pastry desserts with English assistance!

5D/4N Family Fun Tour

  • Experience the magic of Taiwan's mountains & coast
  • Meet dolphins & whales
  • Leisure tour guaranteed to please young & old alike

8D/7N: Family tour

  • From Taipei
  • Private car
  • English speaking guide ( other languages on request )

Alishan: Alishan House

  • Alishan: hotel 5*
  • The five-star holiday hotel at highest altitude in Taiwan
  • Disabled Room Facilities

Alishan: Hamoana Starry Tent

  • Glass tents perfect for stargazing, the place is breathtaking and the hospitality of the family is the highlight of this bed and breakfast stay.

Alishan: Keupana

  • Keupana is the name of Tsou tribe's place. It is the cultural center of the Tsou. Rooms are simple but clean, and there's a huge garden where you can pitch a tent.

Alishan: Shermuh Hotel

  • Basic and very simple, it was the 1st hotel in the Alishan Forest Recreation area
  • Visitors are able to reach the Alishan railways station in 5 mins.

Cingjing: Florance Resort Villa - The Italianate

  • Guests can experience the high standards of comfort while staying at this luxury Nantou hotel with everything they need right on the site such as restaurant, meeting facilities. To unwind, guests can enjoy the leisure facilities provided on the hotel'

Cingjing: The Old England Manor

  • English-style luxury hotel, traditional English Mansion;
  • Surrounded by green hills, The Old England Manor Hotel is a unique property ...

Cingjing: Shan Shui-Yuan Vege Guest House

  • 3* guesthouse, clean and comfortable
  • Beautiful view on the mountains of Cingjing
  • Vegetarian restaurant

Chiayi: Yoyo Hotel

  • 3* Hotel situated in the business district of Chiayi Train Station.
  • Affordable hotel
  • Exquisite and simple accommodation

Fengbin: Noosa Coast B&B

  • Situated in Fengbin in the Hualien County Region, 30 km from Hualien City, Noosa Coast B&B boasts a sun terrace and views of the sea. It offers Ocean view and Private beach

Guanshi: Leofoo Resort

  • 4* Hotel, family friendly
  • Inside Leofoo park, it is Asia's only Resort that employs natural habit and herbivore as design inspirations.

Hualien: East Town 26

  • Located in a quiet place in downtown Hualien
  • Bicycles are provided for free
  • Pet friendly hotel

Hualien: Farglory Hotel

  • 5* Hotel in Hualien
  • Ocean and mountain view
  • Family friendly

Hsinchu: Herb Zenden

  • Herb Zenden is the top glamping spot in Hsinchu. No herbicides are used in the park..Covering an area of ​​30,000 square feet, the place's name is derived from the Atayal language, meaning the “hunting place”

Hualien: Light Stay B&B

  • B&B and hostel
  • Only a 3-minute walk from Hualien Railway Station

Hualien: Moroccan Holiday Suite Hotel

  • 4* hotel, Moroccan-style hotelwithin a 15-minute walk of Hualien Dongdamen Night Market and Hualien Cultural Creative Industries Park. ...

Hualien: Pure B&B

  • The 2-star Pure B&B offers comfort and convenience, the hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay.
  • Highly recommended by our clients.

Hualien: Village Taroko Hotel

  • Indigenous-style hotel and cuisine
  • Sustainable eco-retreat with eco-friendly wooden cabins based on a traditional Tang Dynasty design...

Jiaoxi: Hotel Les Champs Jiaosi

  • 4-star hotel is within close proximity of Tangweigou Hot Springs Park and Jiaoxi Sietian Temple...

Kaohsiung: Joe's Apartment

  • American-style hotel and restaurant, located in a central area nearby Pier-2 Art Center, Love Pier, Yancheng Path, Sizhiwan (The Sizhi Bay), Cijin Seaside...

Kenting: Chateau Beach Resort

  • 5* hotel with Exclusive Private Beach
  • Rooms with private balcony
  • Ocean viewsea-view pool, three kids' pools, a “moon pool,” and a SPA hydrotherapy pool.

Kenting: Ocean Star B&B

  • B&B Ocean Start is a 15-minute walk from Little Bay
  • Very nice and clean, it offers a perfect solution for budget travellers!

Miaoli: CMP Village

  • Visitors may join the camping program that included overnight with two meals, traditional crafts, food and beverages, nature, and ecology. CMP Village is a platform for organic learning and development.

Nantou: Ita Thao Vacation Hotel

  • Itathao Vacation Hotel is a cozy hotel situated within 7.9 km from the scenic Sun Moon Lake.
  • Beautiful mountain or lake views,
  • Located 400 metres from Ropeway Station.

Four Points by Sheraton Penghu

  • Ideal for fun and relaxation, Four Points by Sheraton Penghu is located in the Magong City area of Penghu.
  • Excellent service and superior facilities

Sun Moon Lake: Cherng Yuan Hotel

  • View on Sun Moon Lake, extraordinary view of the lake
  • 1-minute walk from Ita Thao Pier
  • Great terrace on the lake

Fleur de Chine Sun Moon Lake

  • Situated at the north peninsula of the Sun Moon Lake, with a distinctive style in its building structure, creating an aesthetic atmosphere

Sun Moon Lake: The Lalu

  • Featuring Zen architecture, 5 restaurants and free Wi-Fi
  • Luxurious 5-star villas with panoramic views of the lake

Sun Moon Lake: The Richforest Hotel

  • Lake and mountain view rooms
  • 4* hotel situated on the shore of Sun Moon Lake
  • Swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and gym

Tangyue Hot Spring Resort

  • Nestled within lush greeneries, Tangyue Resort boasts a steam bath facility and offers spacious suites equipped with a private hot tub. in-house spa.

Taichung: Hotel National

  • Excellent location in downtown Taichung, Hotel National is ranked as a "Five-Star Hotel" by the Tourism Bureau...

Taichung: Millennium Vee Hotel

  • Located in the most prestigious District Seven in Taichung City, Millennium offers the luxury and services of a world-class hotel. Excellent restaurant and rooftop bar.

Taichung: Red Dot Hotel

  • Featuring a 2-floor-high tube slide, Reddot Hotel offers tastefully-designed rooms with modern facilities in Taichung. It is only a 1-minute walk from Zhonghua Night Market....

Taichung: The Splendor Hotel

  • Oriental Club with an outdoor temperature-controlled sky pool; Free biking service
  • Free shuttle bus from/to High Speed Rail Taichung station.
  • This property is also rated for the best value in Taichung.

Taichung: Time Flyer Hotel

  • 3* Hotel, strategic position, within a 15-minute walk from Sogo Department Store and National Museum of Natural Science.
  • Disabled friendly

Tainan: ECFA Hotel

  • ECFA Hotel - Tainan is a 5-minute drive from Tainan Railway Station. Both Garden Night Market and Anping Fort can be accessed by a 15-minute drive, while Taiwan High Speed Rail - Tainan Station is a 30-minute drive away.

Tainan: Deely House

  • The most children-friendly hotel in the world
  • Each room comes with its own bathroom, TV, AC, fun toys and... a slide!

Tainan: Onsen Papawaqa

  • Hot spring resort;
  • Rooms with private hot spring bath;
  • Not friendly-accessible for people with mobility issue;

Tainan: Princess & Elephant Hotel

  • In the heart of Tainan, opened in March 2017.
  • Local dining options can be found within walking distance of the property. Many local and independent stores can be found in The nearby Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park.

Tainan: Vanaheim

  • Cute glamping tents, complete with ensuite shower, toilet and air conditioning.
  • Perfect if you want a really relaxing family getaway with a beautiful fine sand beach nearby.

Taipei: Caesar Park

  • Luxury hotel ( Spa available )
  • Direct connection to main station
  • Disabled-friendly hotel

Taipei: Cosmos Hotel

  • Conveniently located by the M3 exit of the MRT Taipei Station
  • Quiet and elegant
  • Fitness center available

Taipei: Diary of Taipei - Ximen

  • Located in Taipei, 200 metres from Ximending Shopping Area. Presence of stairs, not advised for disabled people.
  • Nice and clean, suggested for budget travellers

Taipei: FN Hotel

  • 3* Hotel in the city center
  • Nice and clean rooms
  • Suggested for budget travellers who like the comfort of an hotel!

Taipei: Fullon Hotel

  • Located in the city centre
  • Been awarded Five-Star Tourist Hotel
  • Equipped with modern facilities

Taipei: Hotel Bfun

  • Hotel Bfun is the newest hotel of Beauty Hotels Taipei Group, providing excellent and professional service into Taipei City...

Taipei: Home Hotel Da'an

  • Located in the centre of the Da-An District, Taipei's most popular cultural, shopping and entertainment area with a good choice of restaurants nearby!

Taipei: Palais de Chine

  • 5* European style hotel
  • Michelin 3* Chinese restaurant
  • Disabled friendly hotel

Taipei: Rainbow Hotel

  • Rainbow Hotel adopted whole-new design elements, combining with the fashion trends as well as artistic and cultural styles of Ximending...

Taipei: The Sherwood

  • The Sherwood Taipei is a 5-star property in Taipei's Songshan District, with its own indoor pool, fitness centre and SPA.

Taipei: W Taipei

  • 5* hotel, cosmopolitan and chic
  • Taipei 101 view
  • Great roof top bar with swimming pool

Taoyuan: Hotel Kuva Chateau

  • 20-minute drive from Taoyuan International Airport.
  • It features 4 dining options, a health club and outdoor pool. Guests can make use of the hotel's fitness facilities.

Taoyuan: City Suites Gateway

  • Near Taoyuan Airport, 5-minute walk from Taoyuan Airport
  • 4* hotel

Taoyuan: Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport

  • 5* hotel Novotel Taipei Taoyuan International Airport is the only Taiwan hotel with such easy airport access.
  • Fitness Centre and magnificently inviting indoor heated pool...

Taroko National Park: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge B&B

  • B&B - Crossing the Rainbow Bridge is a delightful stopover spot where you can savour the region's natural beauty.
  • Free mountain bike hire

Taroko National Park: Silks Place Taroko

  • 5* Hotel, luxury retreat - located within the Taroko National Park.
  • Built in the 1950's as a VIP hotel on the order of Taiwanese leader Chiang Kai-shek, to open up Taroko's wonderful scenery to high-ranking officials...

Taitung: The Gaya Hotel

  • 4* hotel, In the city centre
  • Rooftop pool with an amazing view over Taitung

Taitung: Home Rest Hotel

  • Home rest hotel is conveniently located in the popular Taitung City area. Featuring a complete list of amenities, guests will find their stay at the property a comfortable one

Xiaoliuqiu: Eight Villas Resort and Spa

  • Eignt colourful villas welcome you on the island of Xiaoloiqiu.
  • Outdoor swimming pool;
  • Sea View Villas

Xiaoliuqiu: Good B&B

  • Xiaoliuqiu B&B, this homestay is in a renovated old house
  • Good location, 10 minuts from the port and the city
  • Excellent for budget travellers!

Xiaoliuqiu: Mare Cielo

  • American or Asian breakfast
  • A terrace is available for guests at Mare Cielo to use
  • Great location, few minutes walk from the ferry

Xiaoliuqiu: Su Beautiful

  • Relax in this nice bed and breakfast on Xiaoliuqiu island
  • Great position, 5 minutes walk from the ferry
  • American or vegetarian breakfast

Takula Leisure Hot Spring Villa

  • Quality accommodation with great service, an excellent choice from which to explore Nantou or to simply relax & rejuvenate

Yilan: Tan A Camper

  • Spend a unique experience in this nice Glamping - glamour camping - located in Dongshan, Yilan.

Mind, Body & Soul Tour

  • Tea Experience at top of the mountain in Maokong Village
  • Day of rest and relaxation in Hot Spring SPA Resort
  • 4 days Yoga and Detox retreat

Luxury Wellness Experience

  • Sleep in the most luxurious hotels in Taiwan
  • Pamper yourself with signature treatments and fine dining

Taipei Layover Tour

  • Enjoy a Taipei Tour instead of waiting at the airport for your layover!

Orientation City Tour

  • Perfect walking tour for them who are moving to Taiwan to avoid the 'cultural shock'!

Do It Yourself: Create Your Own Tour

  • Create your own tour
  • English and other languages available

Guide/Driver Around Taiwan

  • Licensed guide/driver (language on request);
  • Private car (1 - 3 pax);
  • Comfortable van (3 - 7 pax), mini bus or bus;
  • 1 or multiple days tour

Guide & Tour Leader

  • Personal tour guides for private tailor made tours
  • Assistants; Business interpreters; Trade fair translators
  • English & other languages available

Airport & HSR Transfers

  • Private transfer from Airport/ HSR train station
  • English speaking guide
  • Possibility to do door to door shared transfer

Golf in Taiwan

  • Customized packages;
  • All levels;
  • Best field all around Taiwan

THSR pass and HSR Tickets

  • Pass/Ticket will be valid on any THSR train with 20% of discount on the original price.
  • 2/3/5 day passes